We’ll be relaunching, with exciting
new services.


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For long, we’ve worked in the background with no outward publicity.
Now, we’re modernising our website to reflect all we’ve been doing in the past years.

When we relaunch in February 2018, we shall offer be offering our services  as usual in the areas of Animation production & Branding BUT with an additional offer in WordPress CMS websites & Translation of German, English, Nigerian languages.

Not just that, the following have also been lined up:


There would be a Blog bringing you global as well as local news news about topics associated with the core of what we do.



Requesting for a project has never been easier. Our clients would be able to commision projects from any part of the world using out online formular



Shrinkish loves to share. Thats why we have decided to have a bi-monthly give away of a fully functional SEO optimised website  carefully crafted by us.



Going in line with our policy of sourcing and supporting talkents from all over the world, we would be having job openings which can be filled from any part of the globe. However, with prior consideration of young talents from the AMEA regions.